Health and Wellness


Our goal is to combine the best of modern medicine with evidence based complimentary approaches to prevention and healing. 

A Holistic Approach

Our life expectancy is increasing steadily.  Health and wellness is more than the absence of disease. Health also means vitality, joy, and wholeness.

Health is about the quality of our lives.  It’s the process of moving toward enhancing our physical, emotional, social and environmental well-being.  For me the concept of health and wellness changes the idea of medical “care” to  a focus on prevention and being proactive.

This means in our treatment plans are designed to fit your individual goals and needs with  a comprehensive approach. We consider lifestyle such as physical activity and nutrition.  We also consider emotions, sleep and stress management.  We address brain health, personal satisfaction and purpose.  We work to be a resource for information that’s thoughtful, accurate and contributes to the ability to live a life of vitality.

This is especially important for women struggling with hormone imbalances like menopause, PMS and polycystic ovarian syndrome or problems that affect our sexual health as with these problems women often feel their quality of life is diminished and are seeking a way toward restored well-being.