Hormone Imbalances


I’ve spent my entire career really hearing the frustration women express during this turbulent time of their lives.  All women are different and have different needs.  Beyond hormonal therapy, we help women appreciate the unity of mind, body and spirit to enable them to see the connection between their emotional health and their physical well-being.

Bioidentical hormones are those that resemble our own hormones in structure and function and have the same lock-and-key fit with the hormone receptors. Hormone therapy requires a highly individualized assessment that considers each woman’s unique set of symptoms, risks, goals and preferences. When prescribed in the right form, dose and route by a well qualified medical expert, hormone therapy can be an integral part of navigating midlife aging successfully.

Finding Balance At Every Stage

So many women are suffering from moodiness, lack of focus, sleeplessness, brain fog, belly fat and loss of sexual desire.  Hormones underscore our health and vitality.

When balanced, the hormones in our body work together harmoniously.  When that harmonious balance is lost, we can develop distressing symptoms and disease.

From diet to herbs to hormones, there is much that can be done to successfully navigate the menopause transition.  The problem is that there’s been a lot of misinformation about all of this, especially hormones, in the media and so many women suffer needlessly.  Left with the false impression that hormone therapy isn't a safe option, far too many women have suffered thinking their options for symptom relief were limited or non-existent.

Women deserve clear answers and helpful tools for the management of menopausal symptoms.  In fact there are recent studies that demonstrate that not only does hormone replacement provide symptom relief but women who start hormones less than age 60 and within 10 years of menopause have a decreased risk for heart attack and a lowered risk of dying from all causes.

Aging, stress, poor nutrition and environmental exposures can disrupt this harmonious balance.  From puberty until menopause, a healthy woman’s body is making its own natural hormones in synchrony and balance. Attempting to regain this natural balance is our goal when hormone therapy is considered, especially since a woman will live almost a third of her life in menopause.  It’s a profound transition in our lives that needs guidance and a careful and comprehensive approach.

We need to remember that menopause is not a disease.  It’s an opportunity to transform and connect with our real selves.


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