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Planning for a Long Life

Dr. Laura Kimbro, a highly regarded expert with more than twenty years of experience working in the field of women’s health, has an extensive history working with women of all ages and backgrounds successfully setting them on a path of lifetime wellness.

Personal Chemistry

Navigating the body’s natural hormonal shifts with a tailored treatment program ensures you are your best self at every stage and age. Menopause is an unavoidable process and we have the knowledge and support to help guide you through it.

Confidential Conversation

Dr. Kimbro specializes in the treatment of hormonal imbalances, vulvar conditions, and issues associated with sexual health. In a comfortable and confidential environment, patients are given the space and time to explore and address their concerns around their most intimate issues.

What you need to know

Most of us know that we can reduce our risk of disease by eating a healthy diet, getting enough exercise, and not smoking. Did you know that your family history might be one of the strongest influences on your risk of developing cancer?  Find out how to get screened today.


“You always made me feel confident and safe. I’ve never had a doctor that has shown such care and compassion as you have.

You’re truly one of a kind.” – Amanda

 “In this day of 15 minute patient/doctor interactions, it was a relief and pleasure to have such a relaxed, spacious visit with Dr. Kimbro. This I found to be especially true in dealing with such intimate matters! Dr. Kimbro is relaxed herself, knowledgeable and aware of the subtleties and layers involved in menopausal issues, not only medically, but emotionally. She is a wonderful resource for women’s health care in our community! -Sara

“Thank you very much for your excellent care!! I appreciate how knowledgeable, compassionate and kind you are.
I was so glad you called me to let me know my test results were negative. Thanks for going out of your way.”
– Sheila